Technical University Zvolen

The Technical University in Zvolen is a public Slovak university, founded in 1952 and focusing on scientific research and higher education in disciplines including forest, wood, ecology, and environmental sciences and technologies.

The Technical University in Zvolen is involved in the Collaborative Doctoral Partnership Programme with the Joint European Research Centre in Ispra, Italy, fostering research collaboration and academic exchange opportunities. Additionally, it holds an associate membership with the European Forestry Institute in Joensuu, Finland, contributing to its international research networks and collaborations.

Kiki Ekiawan Lamatungga

Early Stage Researcher

Project: ESR5

The research focuses on the restorative effects of the natural environment through nature-based interventions on various mental health outcomes and well-being in older adults. Additionally, utilization of SHARE data to explore potential determinants of depression in EU elders. Kiki Ekiawan is currently on secondment with EFI Bonn in Germany and is focusing on identifying geographical and biographical patterns of forest ecosystem services in Europe.

Within the research and PhD thesis, Kiki Ekiawan Lamatungga carried out study, which was performed in October 2021. The study was conducted on a sample consisting of fifty-four older adults (60 years of age and older) living the district of Zvolen, a town located in one of the urbanized and industrialized Slovak regions, with a population of 43 thousand citizens. 

Participants were asked to complete two interventions per week (a total of eight visits to intervention sites for four weeks). As intervention sites, half of participants were randomly assigned to urban area (as a control group) and half to the forest sites. For urban sites, two main walking spots were established in Zvolen and one in Banská Bystrica; the forest sites featured species and structural diversity: a non-managed, mixed fir-beech-spruce old-growth forest; a beech-oak-hornbeam forest subject to shelterwood management; and a mixed pine-hornbeam-spruce forest surrounding a spa complex. The walking pathways in each site were around one kilometer in length.

Dhanalakhsmi Tamatam

Early Stage Researcher

Project: ESR6

In 2020, 46.2 % of the EU population lived in flats, more than one-third (35.8 %) lived in detached houses and close to one-fifth (17.0 %) lived in semi-detached or terraced houses.

17.5 % of the EU population lived in overcrowded households in 2020.

In 2020, 7.4 % of the EU population were unable to keep their home adequately warm.

In 2020, 7.8 % of the EU population spent 40 % or more of their household disposable income on housing.

Progress Achieved in 2022

  • Prepared the SHARE database for analysis.
  • Prepared the questionnaire.
  • Completed all the mandatory courses from the university
  • Submitted the “minimalka” document to the reviewer, expecting the mid-term exam in October.
  • Attended and presented a poster at the spring (April) and summer school (June) connected to ageing and SHARE database.
  • Presented at the 2nd European conference on ageing and gerontology (EGen 22) at University College London in July


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