The Problem

The proportion of older adults (aged 60+) in the population is expected to increase from 12% to 22% by 2050.

Each year a third of adults over 65 years fall which increases with age, with risk of fracture which impacts quality of life and longevity.

 The annual cost of muscle weakness and associated falls in the UK is over £2.5 billion.

At the age of 65, a smaller proportion of older adults’ remaining lives will be lived in a healthy condition with impact on independence and quality of life.

About 60% of people
over 65 suffer from
a long-standing health problem or illness.

Almost a third of people over 75 years old have severe difficulties
in walking

The Solution

The EU-funded RISE-WELL project proposes a holistic method of addressing the cognitive and mobility challenges facing older adults. The focus of the projects is to improve subjective well- being in older adults. Solutions include technical interventions for mobility, behavioural interventions, developing restorative interactions with the environment and housing solutions.